TUMMYDROPS: Organic Yumberry Ginger, 18 pc

TUMMYDROPS: Organic Yumberry Ginger, 18 pc

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RECOMMENDED BY HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS. Tummydrops are recommended by OB Docs and Midwives, Dietitians, GI docs, Nephrologists, School Nurses & more as a natural way to assist with symptoms common in nausea, upset stomachs, motion sickness, bloating, morning sickness & for other digestive complaints. MADE WITH A PROPRIETARY BLEND OF PURE GINGER EXTRACT only available with tummydrops, which can help calm occasional nausea, upset stomach, morning sickness, & motion sickness*. Some flavors can be quite intense & may not be for everyone. Please see our intensity scale to find the right tummydrop for you.

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