SYMBIOTICS: Tryp-to-Zen Capsules, 30 cp

SYMBIOTICS: Tryp-to-Zen Capsules, 30 cp

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Clinical study results show that the two ingredients in Tryp-to-Zen can moderate the tense response to stress, especially for highly sensitive persons.�Tryp-to-Zen does it the natural way with a safe Casein derivative from milk and the calming effect of purified and standardized amino acid L-Theanine.* Unlike some other products, including supplements such as Kava Kava and St. John�s Wort, there are no known side effects. With Tryp-to-Zen there�s no drowsiness, memory loss, drug interactions or dependency. You just feel less social, intellectual and emotional tension.* Tryp-to-Zen is Nature�s way to a purely relaxed state of being.

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