SIDDHA REMEDIES: Youthful Skin Spray, 1 fo

SIDDHA REMEDIES: Youthful Skin Spray, 1 fo

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As the stress that impedes full circulation to the skin is released and blood flow increases, accumulated toxins may be released. In some cases this leads to a breakout. This healing reaction should not last more than a couple of days, and Youthful Skin should not be used during this time. Expect it to be followed by�healthier, more radiant skin. For some women, hormone cycles and imbalances play an important role in the condition of their skin. In these cases, Youthful Skin may help, but Female Balance should be more effective. For other women, the accumulation of various kinds of toxicity in their body may be a primary consideration for their skin health. In these cases Youthful Skin may help, but Siddha Detox is a better choice. Originally developed to address minor trauma resulting from martial arts practice: small cuts, scrapes, bruises, and bumps. However, Youthful Skin was quickly found to be even more effective for aesthetic applications.

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